Prevent Ingrown hair

Prevent Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are a major problem for most men when shaving their beard. There are ways to prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs without damaging your skin, which could cause scarring. When they turn back on themselves and grow upside, hairs have a strong chance to become ingrown hairs. If they are not treated, they can cause irritations and infections. To prevent ingrown hairs and get rid of them, Dr. Linda Ptito and her team of the Aesthetic Medical Clinic recommends the following tips:

Laser hair removal: Myths

Laser Hair Removal

A misconception still exists today concerning laser hair removal. People are often misinformed about the treatment. Laser hair removal practiced at Aesthetic Medical Clinic of Dr. Linda Ptito is a long-term solution for disposing of your unwanted hair. Many myths still exist, so it is important to provide an overview of them to ensure your next visit to Aesthetic Medical Clinic will be a pleasurable one.

Skin exfoliation: simple methods

skin exfoliation

The skin exfoliation is a common practice which removed dead cells on your skin surface, called epidermis. Exfoliation helps to reduce the chances of having acne and allows you to get a more silky skin. To well exfoliate and remove most of dead skin cells, here are some tips that Dr. Linda Ptito recommends: Buy an exfoliating glove or loofah, which you can easily found in a pharmacy. This is an exfoliating product to be used only for your body. It is not recommended to use it on your face;   Use a mechanical exfoliating: It contains abrasives as oats,… Read More

BOTOX: The Myths


BOTOX has been used for several years. It continues to rise in popularity and the product continues to innovate. Dr. Linda Ptito of the Aesthetic Medical Clinic is an expert in the field and she will undoubtedly rejuvenate your appearance. Despite the popularity of BOTOX, there are still some myths about its use and effects, here’s a quick review:     BOTOX injections reduce the movement of the face and give a fixed expression FALSE : A BOTOX injection should be done properly and with a good dose so that the face is natural. It is a delicate operation that requires excellent technique. Dr. Linda Ptito is the specialist in this field and she will create an exemplary work…. Read More